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Cowan Bowman

Rufus works very well on windows 10 to create bootable image on the SD card.


On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 7:02 AM rhclinton <rhclinton@...> wrote:
The problem is an incompatibility between Etcher and Windows 10.  Reference to the Etcher forum revealed that a number of others had suffered the same problem (not in relation to Draws).  I rescusitated a Windows 8.1 machine and installed Etcher and was able to flash the SD with the Draws image.  It booted correctly in a RPi 3.  I tried three diffeent Win10 machines and had the same problem.  All three were running Bitdefender but turning off the Bitdefender firewall and other services that are often implicated in blocked applications had no effect in this case.  One of the posts on the Etcher forum indicated a suspicion of Windows Defender, so perhaps it is related to virus/firewall software.

One of the posts by an Etcher support guy said something to the effect that they were "looking into a mitigation", but that was quite some time ago.  The message is, then, that if you want to flash images to an SD on a Windows machine, then hang on to a pre-Win10 machine.

Bob  G0BUX

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