Re: Download Issues

Mitch Winkle

I saw something similar when downloading it yesterday.  On Win10 it was abysmally slow.  With the same connection on Linux it was it's normally speedy self.  The reader is left to his own conclusions.

On 9/30/19 6:13 PM, drjenks70@... wrote:
    Just received my board and when trying to download the image from:Index of /downloads/  
     I see minimal download speed and varying between 17 hours to 2 days left. I tried both Chrome and Edge and see basically same results.  I tested to my provider and see 90 Mbps download speeds  After 45 minutes  I have received 39,493 KB of data,  Is there an issue with you access or Server causing this delay.. 2.2g should take about 3 minutes to download.  thanks Daryl 

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