Re: image update failure

Basil Gunn

I am attempting to update my aprs system to the current buster-based image
nwdr14.img. the old image was beta 10 I believe.
New image is not released yet, so not supported yet.

The system uses a UDRC-II
HAT. I am looking for a very plain end point; an APRS Igate with some
custom software that automatically broadcasts NWS warning packets when an
official weather warming is issued. I have had the custom software running
on the old beta image.
Sounds cool.

I have followed the online guidance for installing and verifying the image
file. All seems to proceed normally. The only exception is that
alerts that the gpsd has failed.
(There is no gps on my UDRC HAT).
I can't comment on that unless I see the actual console
output. But please wait until I announce the release. Should be in the
next day or 2. Life keeps getting in the way.

The problem is that although all seems normal otherwise, there are no
packets received as evidenced by either "listen -at" or "tail -f
Did you set your alsa settings the same as what you had on your working
BETA10 image?

It is very clear that the attached radio is receiving aprs packets.
There is likely something obvious I am missing ...?

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