Draws Hat with Cooling #case

Frank Ivan

Hello Everyone,

I have updated my case and it is Thing 3897403 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3897403.  It uses a Raspberry Pi Poe Hat between the Raspberry Pi and the Draws Hat.  This brings a temperature controlled fan blowing on the Pi's CPU and also is sealed so that hot air can't recirculate back through the fan but must exit through the cooling slots.  Again - can be printed for Pi3 or Pi4.

Case for Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b + NWDR DRAWS hat with GPS port on side.

Added PoE Hat as temperature controlled fan - keep Pi cool no matter load

SCAD file provided so you can help tune the design

STL files for both Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b print your choice

Has a powerpole power port

Nice fit for DRAWS card

Rounded corners

Machine screws into card spacers hold case together



4 M2.5 x 8mm hex socket head machine screws (8mm does not include head)

4 M2.5 x 15mm female to female spacers

4 M2.5 x 8mm male to female spacers

4 M2.5 x 25mm hex socket head machine screws

1 Adafruit ADA2223 - 8.5mm header 40 pin stacking header - also available on Amazon

1 4 Pin Extra Tall Header - https://thepihut.com/products/4-pin-extra-tall-header-push-fit-version-poe-hat


1 Official Raspberry Pi Power over Ethernet card - must be official Raspberry Pi PoE hat

Available on Amazon - but PiHut is cheaper and you may want to get 4 pin header from PiHut



Clean out screw holes - 7/64 or 3mm bit does it nicely

Clean out ports

Install Powerpole connector - maybe use a bit of thin double stick tape to hold in place

Install DRAWS card in lid. It's a close fit but should not be difficult

Push M2.5 x 25mm screws into holes

Slide baffles into slots - keep fan power notch on right as you look from back to front of lid

Install 8mm spaces on screws coming though Draws card

Install 40 pin spacer header into PoE Hat with header pushing into header on PoE Hat

Install PoE Hat onto Draws card - you may need to work the hat past the baffles

Install 15mm spaces onto screws coming through PoE Hat

Plug Pi into Poe Hat - make sure it is aligned with the pins go into correct holes

Install base

Secure with the 4 M2.5 x 8mm screws

Tighten every thing up with allen wrench


The PoE Hat will keep a Ri4 down to under 60C under extended load.  It easily passes the heating test from the Explaingcomputers YouTube videos testing Raspberry Pi4 B cooling.

While the PoE Hat is primarily used as a cooling fat, but a nice side effect is you can power the system from the ethernet port.

Note: If you need RFI shielding line the inside of the case with copper foil tape. 

Enjoy and 73
Frank - K0FEI


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