Re: image update failure

Basil Gunn

The problem is that although all seems normal otherwise, there are no
packets received as evidenced by either "listen -at" or "tail -f
Did you set your alsa settings the same as what you had on your working
BETA10 image?

It is very clear that the attached radio is receiving aprs packets.
There is likely something obvious I am missing ...?
I think that your ALSA audio routing is incorrect.
If you route through ALSA IN1 then you are using DISCOUT or
discriminator audio. If you route through ALSA IN2 then you are using AFOUT or
compensated audio (preemphasis/deemphasis). Verify how your radio is
configured. On my Kenwood if I select DATSPD 9600 I am selecting
DISCOUT. This works well for both 1200 & 9600 baud packet.

Could you please return the console output of:

# Verify driver loaded properly
aplay -l

# Verify configured for udrc & not draws
tail /boot/config.txt

# Verify how ALSA is routing audio in

/Basil n7nix

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