Re: image update failure

Basil Gunn

I verified that the following method also works.
Copy the following alsa control values from your working image,
you can read them by running

LO Driver Gain
ADC Level

Boot your new image and run:
cd bin
sudo su

Now run alsamixer and set LO Driver Gain, PCM & ADC Level. To make
things more convenient you could use an editor and set the 3 values in
the script. They are the first 3 levels set.

Verify by running one more time.


John Spoonhower <> writes:

Thanks. I will give this a try.
On a somewhat different topic...I notice in that in the comments
aprs symbols are listed. I do not see sending a symbol implemented in this
script. Is this fairly straightforward to add ?

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 11:17 AM Basil Gunn <> wrote:

I used a new image (nwdr14) with a UDRC II and it worked fine. I will
release that image today. The only thing I changed from the scripts was
to select discriminator out using the alsa commands. You can do it from
the alsamixer gui as well.

sset 'IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'
sset 'IN1_R to Right Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'

Since you have a working configuration why not save it to a file &
compare it with the configuration you are using with the new image.
ie. save /boot/config.txt, alsa-show, ax25-status -d

You could try a transmit test to see what that gives you
cd n7nix/debug
./ -P udr1 -p

Remember that on a UDRC II the mDin6 connector is port 1 not port 0.

I notice that you have manually edited /boot/config.txt. I did not
manually edit any files for my UDRC II test.


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