Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support

Basil Gunn


The "DRAWS specific software" are two codec drivers that are in the Linux
kernel and an overlay that loads at boot time.
The drivers are:

The overlays are either: udrc.dtbo or draws.dtbo depending on which hat
you have installed.

While there is some specific configuration required to take advantage of
the DRAWS hat gps & A/D converter all the other software provided in the
image are scripts that install or configure other software that could be
used by any sound card or serial/i2c TNC.

Most everything that I do to create an image I do with a script. See
n7nix/config/ That's only mostly true because there is
always some futzing around with a new Raspbian distribution to get some
things to work properly.

Perhaps you could explicitly state what you want to do and I can provide
some guidance on how to get there.
/Basil n7nix

David C Jenner - K7DCJ via Groups.Io <> writes:


Please add how to install this on one's own RPi 4 Raspbian image (with
proper kernel). Your instructions at "Make your own Raspberry Pi image"
seem to end before adding the DRAWS-specific software.


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