Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support

Basil Gunn

David C Jenner - K7DCJ via Groups.Io <> writes:


I have a Raspbian Buster RPi 4 running the desired kernel. I want to
install whatever is included in the standard DRAWS image over this.
Not sure why you would want to do this as the provided image has already
done the heavy lifting of the install but if you really want to, look at
this file for instructions:

Building an image will take a few hours to a half a day depending on how many
problems you run into. Then a few days of testing to confirm it works
the way you think it does.

I suspect there is no file n7nix/config/ installed
anywhere on my system. Correct me if I a wrong, please.
Correct. Read link above.

Your instructions in the Wiki under "Make your own Raspberry Pi image"
stop after creating the Raspbian image, much as I have done. There
are no instructions on how to proceed after that.
Correct. I really do not want to support making your own image.

In an earlier post I saw instructions that may be what I am looking
for, but they were prefaced by "off the top of my head." If those are
the instructions, I would prefer that they are a bit more verified and
part of the official Wiki instructions before I make trouble.
The contains (most of) the instructions I use to build
an image. It is not as straight forward as you think. ie. gpsd in the
Raspbian repository has problems so I build the latest from source. Also
in order to build FLdigi you must increase swap space. There are
probably another half dozen or so things that you need to take care
of. This is why there is a provided image.

Having said all that I understand the reasoning behind making a more
minimal image for things that do not require a window manager like an
APRS digipeater or an RMS Gateway or if you just want to run HF programs
like js8call.

If you look at the config/ script you should be able to
pick the things you want in an image that fits your requirements. If you
go this route please know I most likely will not answer your questions
but it is a forum so others might.


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