Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support


As a reminder. 

Basil puts together these images as a favor and courtesy to the community.  NW Digital Radio is not the author of Linux/Raspbian or any of the applications that are preloaded on the beta images. Support for Linux/Raspbian, applications, and configurations belong to the respective authors and their support mechanisms. Some of which are listed via DRAWS™ Manager.

If you appreciate Basil's efforts in this regard, please let him know.  If you wish to build your own images, you are free to do so, but neither NW Digital Radio nor any of its team members are under any obligation to provide advice or support for making or debugging those images.

"What technical support is provided for DRAWS?

NW Digital Radio supports the DRAWS HAT hardware and its driver software.  All other applications are provided on an ‘as is’ basis, with support for configuration and operation of those applications provided by the authors and user community for those applications.  NW Digital Radio’s DRAWS HAT driver and configuration is Open Source Software and is free for amateur radio use."

John D. Hays

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