Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support

K4KDR <scott23192@...>

Thanks a million for the secondary download location, William.

Pulled down a copy and just booted the Pi-3 / DRAWS to take a look and make sure I had followed the correct setup sequence.  Looks like the DRAWS is recognized & all ready to use.

Many thanks to Basil for putting v14 together!

Hopefully I won't fall too far behind, but for now I'll continue with the card I have fully setup from the last v13 image.  With everything configured & working so perfectly, I just want to keep using it as-is for the moment.  I've manually installed or configured the latest versions of everything I use (Direwolf, PAT Winlink for ax25 & ARDOP, JS8Call, WSJTx, and all the other stuff), so I really don't want to re-do everything on a new system at the moment.  I like to stay current as much as everyone else, but it's so nice to have a good portable system that "just works".

Appreciate everyone's effort on the project!

-Scott,  K4KDR


On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 11:24 PM William Franzin <wfranzin@...> wrote:
Just downloaded this myself and it took a while so cloned it here:

This is a Digital Ocean virtual in Toronto, set the limit at 900GB so go nuts. It gave me 42MB/sec to home.

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