Re: Adding a second radio

Basil Gunn

I think you want a second ax.25 channel, which should already be

In a console run this:

ip a show

You should see ax0, your first ax.25 channel on the left connector & ax1
the second ax.25 channel on the right connector.
You need to set the baud rate you want (9600) in /etc/direwolf.conf
under "Channel 1 Properties". Change the MODEM 1200 line to MODEM 9600.

By default the left & right channels are always configured so it
shouldn't be too difficult to get the second channel going. The hard
part is that 9600 baud packet requires you to set deviation more
precisely than 1200 baud packet. Having access to a service monitor

Let me know how you make out.


J P Watters via Groups.Io <> writes:

Our club has a DRAWS using a single radio that we have configured to
run as a digipeater and Winlink X.25 access using telnet to the CMS

The single radio is configured for 1200 baud X.25 Packet Digipeating
with access to a Winlink RMS. Our affiliation with the statewide
packet network limits that channel to 1200 baud digipeating and
Winlink X.25 access. They also exclude APRS data on that channel. We
can specify in the Winlink client a VIA to connect to another site
with HF access to Winlink.

We would like to add a second radio on the second DRAWS interface to
support 9600 baud, APRS Data and possibly a FBB instance.

Is there information on adding a second interface?

..jpw J P Watters
Morris, IL

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