Re: Adding a second radio

Jack Spitznagel

Jim, Basil and John, All,

I would like to hear that explained as well. I started with John's approach early after DRAWS became available, then switched over to Basil's install script with the AX25 internals in Raspbian. They both work for me, but I was doing "quick and dirty" evals of the beta images when I set things up. I found that the Direwolf alone approach was easier for switching from AX.25 to HF modem function. I have to work at 'script-kiddie" level in Linux. I am busy with real work and I need to reconfigure it so very little that I have to go back and reference my notes (which are not great) each time I fire up. I would love to see an install choice be offered in the configuration scripts.

John, Basil, is that easily do-able without creating internal dissension or is it a philosophic divide you would rather not bridge?

No doubt there are good reasons for both approaches... however, I am a realist and know I will not get time to go "larval stage" with the OS until I retire, so as smooth and efficient as Basil's approach may be, it seems less flexible than having GUI access to Direwolf, being able to check its status and shut it down without bringing up a terminal or creating a bunch of icons linked to scripts that switch things for me. Typical lazy ham, I guess.

In the meantime I have a DRAWS in my "go-box" for portable digital work and one on the desk here running Xastir as a fill-in digi and inet gateway for local 144.39 users.

Thanks for all of your hard work supporting this little beast!
Jack - KD4IZ

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