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Mitch Winkle

I found after my board was fixed by NWDR that DRAWS manger values were not even close to appropriate for using FLDIGI, particularly on receive.  I also had to recompile FLDIGI using configure defaults (using no parameters) before the audio settled down properly.  I find the receive audio to be quite good with an apparent low noise floor from the sound card.  Transmit audio seems fine as well. 

FLDIGI has a process for setting audio that always works well, so I suggest using that rather than arbitrary values computed by DRAWS Manager.

On Oct 13, 2019, at 20:36, Anthony Sutera <tsutera@...> wrote:
Hello John,

I am running WSJT-X.  I have one of the boards that had the issue.  I removed both caps.  The RX audio works pretty well (but not quite as sensitive as my signal link).  I have tried multiple sets of cables with and without Pin6.  I ran the alsa command for the 817, played with multiple setting in the draws manager including changing to the right hand port.  The best I can get out the of the TX audio are occasional TX reports WSPR.

Thank you,
On Oct 13, 2019, at 4:34 PM, John D Hays - K7VE < john@...> wrote:

The FT-817 is a heavily tested radio with the UDRC and DRAWS boards.  There are built-in configurations on the image.

What application(s) are you trying to setup?

The proper way to set audio levels is using Draws™ Manager  -- the FT-817 settings assume the FT-817 internal menu settings are at default, so you may want to do a factory reset on the radio.  Also note that removing the squelch pin (PIN 6) in the cable is generally required on Yaesu radios.

Have you followed the recall notes?  If you have a newer board with the SMA coming out the same end as the power jack, you should review the thread and specifically

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 3:10 PM < tsutera@...> wrote:
I have the 817 and have tried for weeks to get solid audio out to the radio.  Does anyone have a configuration that is really working ? If so please post it.  Thank you! Tony

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA


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