Re: Hamwan / DRAWS / Fiber / HF / RMS Gateway

Basil Gunn

If you are addressing this post to Alan Bush, I live in the same county
as Alan & will be going over to his QTH in the coming weeks to assist in
his install. When we do the Linux RMS Gateway install we will note any
discrepancies between what we did and what is already in the UDRC/DRAWS
Raspberry Pi Getting Started Guide here:
I have installed and support 3 active Linux RMS Gateways in our region
and am a maintainer of Linux RMS Gateway repository.

If you intend to use both channels of the DRAWS hat please describe
exactly what your expectations are for the functionality you
require. ie. state your requirements including baud rates &
frequencies. Also please tell us if you made your own hat-to-radio
cable(s) and which radio(s) you intend to use.

I recommend you install paclink-unix as well so you can get automated
status reports of your RMS Gateway.

/Basil n7nix

Chris Robinson KF6NFW DMR ID 3153250 <> writes:

Have you made any progress on this project?

I just got my DRAWS board in hand on a pi 3B+, and am about to dig in
on this very near identical setup you are attempting. If you have made
progress, i would be very interested in what you have accomplished.

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