Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support

Basil Gunn

direwolf is a daemon & is controlled by systemd as is the preferred
method for controlling daemons that usually start from boot.

The scripts to start/stop/status direwolf & the ax.25 interface are:

cd bin
sudo su

You can also look at the direwolf daemon status like this:

systemctl status direwolf

The icon in the RPi menus for direwolf comes from the standard direwolf
install and should be deleted.

If you have done a core configuration as described in the 'Getting
Started Guide' then the direwolf binary is in directory /usr/local/bin and
the configuration file is in /etc


Dave Christensen <> writes:

I installed NWDR14. I have not spent much time with DRAWS and in fact have no radios hooked up right now (working on that). So this project has been "benchware" for me. I did bring up FLDigi and it looked familiar to my PC version.

When I clicked on Other>Direwolf I get a message "Failed to change to directory "/root" (Permission denied)" I looked at the shortcut properties and see that the working directory is /root. Is this a problem or can it be fixed?

Thanks and 73
Dave - KD7UM

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