Re: Help setting up RMS Gateway? #draws #rms

Basil Gunn

You may have a file permissions problem in the /usr/local/etc/rmsgw
directory. Verify by sending me the console output of:

ls -sal /usr/local/etc/rmsgw

You can solve the problem by running a new script.
# First fix your local git repo

sudo su
chown -R pi:pi n7nix

# Now get the new script

cd n7nix
git pull

# Now run a script that should fix your problem.

cd rmsgw
sudo su

# Verify that the permissions on files in the /usr/local/etc/rmsgw
directory are correct.

ls -sal /usr/local/etc/rmsgw

# And finally test with rmschanstat

sudo -u rmsgw rmschanstat ax25 udr0 N0CSM-10

Please send me all the console output from all of the above commands plus new
entries in file: /var/log/rms.debug


Craig McVeay <> writes:

Yes on the gateway request, I've had a gateway running (RMS Packet on a Windows machine) for a little over a year. If I have that running on the windows box while I'm setting this up on the DRAWS, could that be a part of the problem? They are using different radios and antennas so no conflict there.

I checked and rechecked the entries in the files as you recommended and they were correct. Rebooted the Pi and checked things again with no change.

I made a new image and started the entire config process over (I'm getting good at it now). The results changed just a little.

AX.25 status shows all running and enabled.

tail -f /var/log/rms.debug results are a little different but the last line still suggests something is wrong. I've verified and double checked the PW and other information entered and it is correct. Here are the results
Nov 6 04:17:02 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: N0CSM-10 - Linux RMS Gateway ACI 2.5.1 Sep 19 2019 (DM26ad)
Nov 6 04:17:02 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: Channel: N0CSM-10 on udr0 (145050000 Hz, mode 0)
Nov 6 04:17:02 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: /usr/local/bin/rmschanstat ax25 udr0 N0CSM-10 reports unavailable
Nov 6 04:17:02 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: Channel: N0CSM-10 on udr0 is DOWN -- not updated
Nov 6 04:17:02 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: Channel Stats: 1 read, 1 active, 1 down, 0 updated, 0 errors
Nov 6 04:17:03 draws rmsgw_aci[1580]: python script /usr/local/etc/rmsgw/ failed, status 1


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