Re: NWDR14 image release announcement #beta #support

Dave Christensen

Thanks for the reply Basil.  I am a real Newbie to DRAWS and Linux but I muddled through the install until I went to setup ARDOP from the web and then later discovered there was a script to do that.  So I am starting over again to do it using the supplied scripts.  Under the getting started web page = ""  there are 5 steps listed and the first three steps have similar and different instructions for creating the SD card and running the configure scripts.  I suspect this is from improving the images since January.  Being a IT person I understand that the Docs come last but I think they should be updated for the current images as they improve and simplify things.  One thing maybe to note would be the inclusion of a note that the default editor for the V14 image is JED.  I have never seen this editor before (Newbie status) and could not save the image when I was installing PAT.  I changed it with the sudo update-alternatives --config editor command to nano and then I was back in familiar territory, although knowing it is JED I can deal with that also now.

What I want to get to is one DRAWS port for VHF packet and the second for HF apps (understanding that ax25 will have to be stopped to switch between them (I think).  I will probably order a second draws for a "Go Kit" when the cases get into the distribution channel.  This one will be a Pi4 based system.  I wish I could help more but my skills in this area only allow to comment how I can break things..

Thanks again to the team.  I have known John Hayes for over 30 years and he is a good friend.

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