Re: PAT with DRAWS on VHF

Basil Gunn

I can not find the PAT CONFIGURE setup for ax25 VHF ports.
Because I don't support PAT. I support paclink-unix.

I had ax25
started and when I attempted a packet connection the error message
said that a ax25 port was not found.
Without showing me (cutting & pasting into post or email) the console
output of the error message I can't really comment.

Verify that ax.25 is running properly by running:
ax25-status -d

It would be helpful if you could post the console outputs of the above
commands as well.

Read this:

What do I need to change in the
config.json file to create a VHF port on PAT? There are lots of videos
and post for ARDOP configuration but these won't help.

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