Re: PAT with DRAWS on VHF

Basil Gunn

The packet configuration for a DRAWS hat enables both mDin6 connectors
as ports udr0 & udr1. If you follow the documentation & use the
configuration scripts these ports are started at boot time using systemd
unit files that use mkiss (instead of kissattach) for multi KISS attach
so that both ports are active & available.

Since you had to edit the axports file I'm guessing you did not use the
configuration script that is supplied in the n7nix directory on the
DRAWS image.

Very pleased that you have PAT working with your DRAWS hat.

Dave Christensen <> writes:


All the tests you mentioned above were all working normally from the image installation. Thank you again for detailing these, I have save this post for future checkouts.

To make a really long story short here is what fixed PAT running on the NW image:
1. Added a line to the /etc/ax25/axports file in the format: wl2k KD7UM 1200 255 7 Winlink
2. Did a sudo kissattach /tmp/kisstnc wl2k

It all worked. Now two things for me to do: create a script when starting PAT to do the kissattach and then the pat http command.

This help came from Scott:
"I believe this is the video that I used to get setup for PAT over ax25:

-Scott, K4KDR"

Having said all this, and given my Newbie status, I am going to
investigate patlink-unix knowing now that this is the supported

Again, thank you and all the moderators and contributors for your

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