Re: PAT with DRAWS on VHF

Dave Christensen

Thank you again for your time.  with your explanation I now understand the relationship of axports, mkiss, and the PAT config.  I did run the config script you provided 
This is my edited PAT ax25 section now using the correct port name:

  "listen": [],
  "hamlib_rigs": {},
  "ax25": {
    "port": "udr0",
    "beacon": {
      "every": 3600,
      "message": "Winlink P2P",
      "destination": "IDENT"
    "rig": ""
And my axports with the line I added removed referencing wl2k

It looks like this now:
# /usr/local/etc/ax25/axports
# The format of this file is:
#portname       callsign        speed   paclen  window  description
udr0        KD7UM-6         9600    255     2       Direwolf port
udr1        KD7UM-10            9600    255     2       Winlink port
Now I am trying to find the whole paclink-unix installation instructions, MUTT interface, piardop, etc.  I know it is out there, I just haven't found it since you referenced adding piardop to the distribution 9 going forward with your work on Packlink-UNIX.

Another day....  TNX

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