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Ryan Matthew Headley

Apologies ahead of time if I am rehashing anything already extant on the boards.  I have attempted to search for solutions, but have not been able to find anything.

I received my DRAWS hat yesterday, loaded the DRAWS image, and followed the configuration steps listed on the boards.  Most things worked exactly as indicated. 

Using the scripts indicated in 'Getting Started,' I configured AX25 and got ALSA working, but with a few curiosities.  Mysteriously, the default configuration sets AX25 to use the right connector.  (That one took a few minutes to figure out).  ALSA audio was is curious as well. 

In testing to set levels, I set up an Alinco 135 connected to the DRAWS, and a Yaesu FT-991A for monitoring--both on 144.390Mhz.  I had to set the output gain to +15db before it was even audible--and +29db is decodable, but still well below the other AX25 signals I was receiving from elsewhere.  I switched the radios with virtually the same result.  I cannot imagine that this is normal. 

I am probably going to set up my own imagine later today for further testing.

Any thoughts?

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