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Basil Gunn

I'm trying to understand your problem.
If you need the latest Winlink ICS standard forms just download and use

flmsg allows you to act on the forms. Now using your paclink-unix or pat
mail client, attach the form to your Winlink message and send the

What we found was that the various state agencies used different forms
so we needed to use those forms.

Your statement that you need to run Winlink Express to use ICS forms is
not true. Winlink has done a nice job of integrating forms into Winlink
Express so as Scott K4KDR points out the method you would use on your
Linux system is not as turn key as the Winlink Express program but still

/Basil n7nix

Ryan Matthew Headley <> writes:

I am trying to find a solution to this as well. I have been messing
with the html files that can be downloaded from with no

I also thought that flmesg could be a solution. It does indeed work,
but the fields in the form are old and are no longer acceptable under
ICS operations in my state (or probably any state).

Unfortunately--while pat and paclink-unix work for person to person
communication--if you are part of any official support effort you will
still need a Windows computer running Winlink Express in order to do
your job.

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