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Mitch Winkle


Typically, ICS-213s are normalized down to numbered lines per the PDF forms provided by the form owners.  What gets transmitted OTA is simply the numeral followed by the data.

See the attached snip.


On 11/22/19 11:50 AM, K4KDR wrote:
Hi Mitch!

Sorry, I'm not positive what you mean by "numbered format", but I did notice there was a field <msgseqnum> that seemed to be assigned by the sender (me) and incremented with each subsequent message.  So, I mentioned in my how-to that we should track that value and increase it on the next message, etc.

Hope that's what you're referring to.

In any event, it's cool to send via PAT and, when received on a Windows Winlink client, have the form pop open exactly as it should.  That was my metric to gauge whether I was successful or not.  I also contacted the net control station at one of our "Winlink Wednesday" stations that gives anyone interested a place to stay sharp on using Winlink.  He also confirmed that my ICS-213 was received correctly when I did a test send from the Pi.



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I can certainly add the current ICS-213 to my UI client for PAT. Are you
simply using the numbered format for the OTA transmission?

2. etc.

On 11/22/19 10:51 AM, K4KDR wrote:
Good day!

Just to show myself that it could be done, I successfully sent an ICS-213 using PAT on the Rasp Pi/DRAWS.

Here is my write up on the manual steps I did to make it happen.  Not difficult at all but someone could certainly automate the process to reduce the amount of editing by hand for a new message.


-Scott,  K4KDR

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