Paclink-Unix configuration - UDR Port

Dave Christensen

Thanks to the group.  I think this is the 4272 message on the forum about this product.  You guys and gals have been busy.  After installing PAT and getting it working I decided to install Paclink on a fresh image for two reasons:  this is the product you are supporting AND it will interface with the very old AIRMAIL system my Digital NTS relay uses and where I get my digital traffic from the NTS to deliver in my county.  PAT puked on the exchange the same way that Winlink pukes so I have been forced to run Airmail on my PC to get things to work.  The handshake quits for version issues. (Insert big thanks here).

I wanted to run a Pi instead of my gigawatt, power sucking Windows desktop for many reasons for my DNTS station and now it looks like that will be possible.

A couple of suggestions on the Paclink install;
1.  The default port for AX25 communications with Paclink seems to be the RIGHT radio port (udr1) not the LEFT (udr0), so running the wl2kax25 command timed out because my radio has been connected to the left port for all the other apps (YACC, XASTIR, mheard, etc.).

In /usr/local/ax25/axports udr1 is denoted as the Winlink port and udr0 as the Direwolf port so maybe this is correct to use udr1 for Paclink but unless you want to keep shifting the port plug between the other ax25 apps and Paclink, it is probably best to make them both the same?  

Perhaps a prompt on the plu script to indicate which radio port you want would be nice.  When you get ARDOP running (big hope of mine so I can use HF to reach a GW) you might want to use this feature to indicate the HF radio port (split DRAWS channels).

The clue to fix the problem was in your message 3722 where you noted this: 
"Verify that the connector used, the port in ax25port= in /usr/local/etc/wl2k.conf and portname in /etc/ax25/axports match. ie. left port is udr0, right is udr1"

2.  If adding a prompt isn't a good idea, then add a note in the plu installation documentation to edit the wl2k.conf file to change the port assignment there.

I thought I had a CLAWS config error when I tested between CLAWS and Winlink and my gmail account nothing was happening in the message exchange.  It turned out that the CMS servers were down (slow) for about 30 minutes last night.  I could not even bring up the website so the timing of the outage made me think I had a problem.  All the messages showed up eventually to my delight.

Thanks for the support and the product.  Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to all.

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