#ax25 #direwolf system failing suggested checks #direwolf #ax25

Ryan Matthew Headley

I am on my third install of the DRAWS image.  I have followed the instructions on this site to the letter each time.  I now have gps working properly, and paclink-unix is running as expected.

Now I have moved on to direwolf and ax25 for APRS and more general packet, and I have this problem:

I can monitor incoming traffic, but cannot transmit.  So I went back to the guide and ran this test:

cd n7nix/debug
sudo su
# Test left channel
./btest.sh -P udr0
# Test right channel
./btest.sh -P udr1
# To see all the options available
./btest.sh -h

'./btest.sh -P udr0' returns:

'beacon: invalid AX.25 port setting - udr0
Beacon command failed.'

I have configured AX.25 and direwolf on own before, and what is residing in /etc/ax25/ is not what I am used to.

Any advice?

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