How do we update our NW 14 image when the NW 15 image comes out?

Dave Christensen

Is there any process short of reinstalling all of your apps, config settings, desktop shortcuts, and ??? when a new image comes out?  Is/will there be a way to install the new packages, scripts, and apps that are added to the new image without taking out all the work you have done?

I am, without a doubt, a UNIX infant when compared to those who have built the image but I don't know how this can be done.  I hope there is a way as I would like to use the improvements and additions I believe will come.  Such as ARDOP for Paclink.  Could ther be a couple of scripts that gather your modifications, save them, and restore them to the new image or am I asking too much.  My background is mainframe and mini computers that could "patch" existing software rather than start from scratch.  That is why I ask, because I really don't know.

So, is there an answer that will be fun?

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