Re: How do we update our NW 14 image when the NW 15 image comes out?

Basil Gunn

Is there any process short of reinstalling all of your apps, config
settings, desktop shortcuts, and ??? when a new image comes out?
Going forward new images should be much less frequent. The last image
was due to the driver required by the codec changing to be in main line

Is/will there be a way to install the new packages, scripts, and apps
that are added to the new image without taking out all the work you
have done?
Scripts change frequently. To update:

cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

# To display current versions of HF programs
cd n7nix/hfprogs

# To update
./ -u

I am, without a doubt, a UNIX infant when compared to those who have
built the image but I don't know how this can be done. I hope there is
a way as I would like to use the improvements and additions I believe
will come. Such as ARDOP for Paclink. Could ther be a couple of
scripts that gather your modifications, save them, and restore them to
the new image or am I asking too much.
Having a mechanism to save all of your current configurations for a
known set of apps is a good idea.

My background is mainframe and mini computers that could "patch"
existing software rather than start from scratch. That is why I ask,
because I really don't know.
I've tried to make the installation and configuration process as easy as
possible or at least easier than before. For some hams that's worked for
others not so much.

So, is there an answer that will be fun?
Ideally all the programs in the image should be Debian packages. I'm
committed to do that for the 2 projects I maintain but I'm not that
motivated to make packages for all the other projects.

The thing I'm currently working on is making split audio channels easier
to set up. That's where direwolf controls one audio channel & an HF
program controls the other. Anna figured it out I'm just trying to make
it so I can easily configure it.

Read about it here:
Also in my github repo
you will see a directory with a couple of scripts in it:

The scripts aren't complete yet but you should be able to figure it out
from the split-channels github link.

Other things I've been working on:
- mobile (truck) RPi setup with Powerwerx ITX-12
- ax25 start stop icon (Thank you Hoop)
- auto test wl2k connection with RMS Gateways in local vicinity
- easily change led trigger so I can identify that RPi on my bench.


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