Re: #ax25 #direwolf system failing suggested checks #direwolf #ax25

Ryan Matthew Headley

Using all of the information gathered an discussed so far in this thread, I have been trying to find a solution.  Unfortunately, I have arrived at the same spot I eventually got to with each of my previous attempts.  The Raspberry Pi has simply stopped recognizing that the DRAWS is connected at all.  It is getting power from the DRAWS, but audio over DRAWS and GPS no longer work.  

The needed ports are appearing in /dev (pps0, ttyAMA0, ttyS0), and gpsd starts; but ALSA does not recognize the DRAWS and gpsmon, cgps, chronyc, and YAAC all return errors when trying to pull gps data from gpsd.

I have done nothing except download the image, and install everything using the steps found in the Wiki.  I have quite purposefully never used sudo when reading files outside of ~.  Do I have a hardware problem?

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