Re: #ax25 #direwolf system failing suggested checks #direwolf #ax25

Ryan Matthew Headley

Something is going wrong from the very beginning.

I have done three straight flashes on the NW Digital image.  I have followed the steps in 'Getting Started' to the letter.  I have powered the hat with 13.8v and had consistent good CPU temps.

~/n7nix/git pull (not in instructions, but recommended in forums)
~/n7nix/config/ core
~/n7nix/config/ shows that I have not run core

~/n7nix/debug/btest -P udr0 shows that udr0 does not exist.

There are only three possibilities:

1)There is a problem in the image
2)There is a problem in the config scripts
3)There is a problem with the DRAW hat itself

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