Re: #ax25 #direwolf system failing suggested checks #direwolf #ax25

Basil Gunn

Something is going wrong from the very beginning.
What OS & program are you using to flash the microSD card?

I have done three straight flashes on the NW Digital image. I have
followed the steps in 'Getting Started' to the letter. I have powered
the hat with 13.8v and had consistent good CPU temps.
I'm trying to help you which is difficult if you don't do what I ask you
to do. See previous post.

Before you run any configuration scripts determine if the drivers have
enumerated the hardware by running aplay -l (from previous post)
If you do NOT see udrc with this command there is no script that will
fix that problem.

~/n7nix/git pull (not in instructions, but recommended in forums)
~/n7nix/config/ core
~/n7nix/config/ shows that I have not run core
In an email addressed to me only can you copy the entire console output
of running core?
If you use the script command it will put all console output into a
file. See previous post.

~/n7nix/debug/btest -P udr0 shows that udr0 does not exist.
Please follow the instructions I previously gave you. There is no use in
running the config script if the DRAWS hat is not enumerated.

There are only three possibilities:

1)There is a problem in the image
I don't think so as I test it often

2)There is a problem in the config scripts
Possibly. If you share your console output I will have a chance to
understand the problem

3)There is a problem with the DRAW hat itself
Possibly but unlikely given the symptoms you have supplied.

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