Incompatibility between #fldigi and #direwolf ? #direwolf #fldigi

Bernard Pidoux

Having installed recently last available NorthWest digital radio image nw14dr.img I got an excellent Linux system on a RaspBerry Pi 4.
Just after booting fresh new system I checked different applications and found they where working although I did not go further into complete configurations.
Fldigi, Xastir, Yaac could start correctly.
I entered n7nix directory and updated n7nix scripts using 'git pull' command.
Then I decided to install Direwolf using n7nix script ~config/
After all was done without any error, I found that fldigi could not start anymore.
There is a message about file missing and Linux system says that this library is not used anymore.
So I am asking the question about direwolf and fldigi compatibility ?
Bernard, f6bvp

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