Re: Incompatibility between #fldigi and #direwolf ? #direwolf #fldigi

Basil Gunn

Having installed recently last available NorthWest digital radio image
nw14dr.img I got an excellent Linux system on a RaspBerry Pi 4.
Great to hear Bernard.

Just after booting fresh new system I checked different applications
and found they where working although I did not go further into
complete configurations. Fldigi, Xastir, Yaac could start correctly.
I entered n7nix directory and updated n7nix scripts using 'git pull'
Yes, that's a good thing to do.

Then I decided to install Direwolf using n7nix script ~config/
After all was done without any error, I found that fldigi could not
start anymore.
direwolf and many other programs (see list here:
come pre-installed on the nwdr14.img. Running the install scripts on
this image is not necessary and most likely will break things.

You can see a log of what is already installed here:
cat /var/log/udr_install.log

Currently you can switch between vhf/uhf packet & HF programs by
starting & stopping ax25 which also starts & stops direwolf and a number
of other daemons used by packet. ie mheardd

cd ~/bin
# Become root
sudo su
# or

See the "Getting Started Guide"

There is a message about file missing and Linux system
says that this library is not used anymore. is used by one of the hf programs probably fldigi. It gets
installed with the .n7nix/hfprogs/ script and lives in this
directory: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/

If you see a message that is missing then:

sudo apt-get install libjpeg9-dev

So I am asking the question about direwolf and fldigi compatibility ?
I am currently using both direwolf & fldigi at the same time and it
works well using the split-channels instructions. I have a script that
installs split-channels but it needs some work.

You should understand that direwolf & the HF programs like to "own" the
sound card device and usually can only be run separately from one
anther. The split-channels instructions
( creates a virtual
sound card device using pulse audio for each of these different modem
programs to bind to.

/Basil n7nix

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