Re: UDRC 2 and motorola GM300 connection

Basil Gunn

It seems that this project is dead.
There was a few things mentioned in this thread. Specifically which
project are you talking about?

I confirmed last January that Motorola radios with either a 16 pin or 20
pin accessory connector should work with the UDRC II using the Argent
Data GM300 Mini-Din Adapter

I confirmed with Motorola Radios that I have (PM 400, CDM 750, CDM
1550-LS, Radio M1225-LS)

Anyone know if any future development is planned?

Alternatively, are there any other packages configurable for a multi-mode repeater/simplex node using the UDRC or DRAWS?
I know that in 2015 John K7VE demonstrated a Yaesu DR-1X in Tri-mode (Fusion Digital,
D-Star, Analog FM) using a UDRC.

/Basil n7nix

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