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This morning I went ahead and measured and then jumped R20 with a wire and left R26 alone. I ran the with the switch file in place. I ran -f 1042 on first the left then the right mDin6. The radio was set to dataspd 9600. The left port is now modulating the carrier with as much deviation as my old hat (about 1800 Hz deviation is all I can get in this mode). The right port is barely deviating. Low res pics attached. Higher res upon request.

Help... I do not have the experience to replace these six "104" resistors, if indeed they should all be replaced.

David Lowry

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I had a closer look at the boards. Everywhere there is a 101 on the old board, there is a 104 on the new board. Even on what must be audio in. Is this part of the revision?

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