Re: DRAWS and HF RMS GAteway possible ?

Ryan Matthew Headley

You can absolutely make this work with ardop and linBPQ if you are comfortable working outside or beyond the supported DRAWS image.  ardop is not open source, but it is free and can run on virtually any OS.  If you check the Winlink nodes, you will see that it is already quite popular.  With more people looking to run Winlink on something like the Pi as opposed to a clunky Windows computer, I only image that its footprint will grow.

As to how all of this applies to the DRAWS hat, it depends upon what your total desired use is.  The DRAWS will work extremely well as a soundcard for a Winlink HF node--and also provide you with GPS and a 12v power input.  In this particular application, think of it as replacing something like a Signalink, but with more features. 

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