Re: not working on RPi4b

Basil Gunn

David, No problem. Always happy when I hear of a success. Also I will
fix the wiringpi version problem shortly. Thanks for that.
Seeing your beacons on from a few minutes ago.

2020-01-01 15:45:11 PST: KE7RGP-11>APUDR1,WIDE1-1,qAO,KE7RGP-1::KE7RGP :01 15:45:09 PST KE7RGP mesg_beacon test from host husky on port udr0 Seq: 1


Never mind Basil, and are now both
working. Not sure what was going on awhile ago but I do need wiringpi
2.52 for the deviation script. Thanks and sorry for taking up your
time on the btest part of this.

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