Re: Problems with Winlink handshaking on VHF and no power to transmitter on HF

Basil Gunn

Hi Dave,
Sorry for the lag.

I had the correct Winlink password as I connected via telnet OK. I
tried the same gateway that failed yesterday and it worked. I suspect
that gateway could not validate my password. So, check that one off
the list.
Call sign of the gateway?

Regarding getting FLdigi and WSJT-X to transmit with audio - not
working and in fact when I have FLdigi and FLrig and Draws Manager
running my system hangs up rock solid and I have to power off to get
things running again. I think I am going to put DRAWS on pause,
perhaps wait until version 15 is available of start from scratch with
Version 14.
If you get a chance show me the output of:

free -m

When your system hangs, assuming you are running with a video monitor,
try ssh'ing into your system and running the above command.
Also keep cables plugged into your RPi away from your radio
antenna. ie. make sure the cables plugged into the DRAWS hat are not
laying on top of your feed line coax.

The radio was keying up (Using FLrig for PTT) but no audio - and in
fact it was picking up audio from the microphone rather than the data
jack from Draw to rig. Something has to be right because I can run
wl2k and connect to a gateway using the same radio I am using for
FLDigi. I did stop ax25 between the WL2K-VHF and trying FLDigi.

Thanks for your help. I can't imagine the load you are carrying trying
to improve the software surrounding DRAWS and answering questions from
dummies like me.
I haven't given up, I just need to give it a break.
OK. You have some things working and I'm pretty confident we can solve the
HF program config issues whenever you come back to it.

I have another Pi/Signalink setup that is working beautifully. I know
it can be done with Draws. Happy New Year
Thanks Dave!
/Basil n7nix

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