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If you didn't change anything having to do with gpsd and it started working later, this usually indicates that the gps wasn't locked before:

1. The gps loses ephemeris data if the board is powered down.
2. The gps can take a considerable amount of time to obtain lock unless it has ephemeris data, so the first time you apply power you may need to wait a considerable amount of time for lock (15+ minutes would not be unusual) with the antenna placed with a clear view of the sky.
-- patience --
3. If the backup battery is installed on the DRAWS™ board, it will keep the last locked ephemeris data for up to 40 days (cumulative over multiple power cycles, then must be replaced). The GPS will lock quite quickly with the ephemeris data.
4. It is recommended that once you setup the DRAWS™ GPS, to leave it powered continuously to maintain lock.  The Pi and HAT do not draw much power.  If desired to shut down your station, just turn off the radio and leave the Pi and HAT running.
-- Leave it running --

John D. Hays


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