Split Channel

Jim Erickson

Hi All and Happy New Year.

Basil, I believe I read on here somewhere that you were working on the split-channel operation of the Draws and making so that you could do HF and APRS/Packet with two different radios?  If it was, please read on, if not, hopefully whomever it was will see this.

Anyways, I got a chance to try it as the prospect intrigued me.  To be able to have local packet traffic and be able to do HF, in my mind, primarily JS8 with one RPi seems the dream.  So I tried running your scripts which seemed to work excellent.  Easy to turn on and off, works as expected in my books, almost.  I've verified, when running the ax25-start, without the split-channel, I'm decoding local APRS traffic in dire wolf.  My volume is a little lower than I'd like, so I do need to experiment with a different 2m rig, but the point is that I do decode packets.  Then when I enable the split channel and then re-enable ax25-start and start listening for APRS traffic, I decode none.  I'm using the left mini-din for both split and non-split APRS work.

I confess, pulse audio is very new to me.  I think I roughly understand it, but not definitively, and configuring it within linux is not in my tools yet. 

Any thoughts?  I'm going to try a different 2m rig to see if that makes a difference.  I have verified that the right din works as expected.
Thanks for this!


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