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Jim Erickson

Thanks Basil and I understand this time of year.  I’ve had trying the split chan on my list to try for quite awhile but just haven’t found the time, even with time off.  I finally decided to give it a try yesterday, at the end of my vacation.  

I don’t know that I have a specific workflow in mind.  I tried this on an already setup image that has had the core_install run.  I imagined that I would have to stop ax25, then run the split_toggle (which would have to change the dire wolf config) and the restart ax25.

I’ve taken a look at the resulting direwolf.conf and I think I’ve discovered what the issue was.  It’s pointing to draws-capture-right and draws-playback-right.  Should be left, which I’ve switched, and now I’m decoding packets!

This is a super radio workstation now.  I can have 2m/70cm packet on one mini din and HF/JS8 on the other.  Brilliant!!

VA7SHG - Phone

On Jan 6, 2020, at 11:09, Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

First, thanks for trying out split-channels!

Some back ground.
Anna made a repo & got split-channels working around last April. I
picked it up last November & made some install scripts to configure
things a little differently.

If you follow the file from
you will end up with the left mDin6 connector controlling an HF radio &
the right a VHF/UHF radio. What that does is make the right connector
device udr0 when it used to be udr1.

If you use the script from n7nix/splitchan it will keep
the left mDin6 connector for VHF/UHF which means it remains device udr0
and the right connector will be used by pulse audio for HF.

So November turned into December and I spent less time doing NW Digital
Radio stuff as the holidays started sucking up more of my time. This is
just to rationalize my excuse for what works & what doesn't.

The install script ( works OK.
The status script ( mainly used for debugging works OK.
The toggle script has never been tested but seemed like a good idea at
the time.

As it happened the split channel stuff worked well enough right away
that I started playing more with HF modes with packet happening on the
other channel. Seemed cool and I stopped script testing and did more
Hammy things.

I have not tried what you are describing which I think is:

Install split chan
 - which has ax.25 running on udr0, left mDin6 & HF on right mDin6

Run ax25-start when split chan is running
 - shouldn't have to do this and needs testing
 - pretty sure this will mess with the split chan config
 - you can run to confirm

I need to finish testing which will go from split chan
to both chans either config'ed for ax.25/direwolf or both ready for HF.

Will get back to you in a bit as I finish testing with a clean image.

/Basil n7nix

Anyways, I got a chance to try it as the prospect intrigued me. To be
able to have local packet traffic and be able to do HF, in my mind,
primarily JS8 with one RPi seems the dream. So I tried running your
scripts which seemed to work excellent. Easy to turn on and off, works
as expected in my books, almost.

I've verified, when running the
ax25-start, without the split-channel, I'm decoding local APRS traffic
in dire wolf. My volume is a little lower than I'd like, so I do need
to experiment with a different 2m rig, but the point is that I do
decode packets. Then when I enable the split channel and then
re-enable ax25-start and start listening for APRS traffic, I decode
none. I'm using the left mini-din for both split and non-split APRS

I confess, pulse audio is very new to me. I think I roughly understand
it, but not definitively, and configuring it within linux is not in my
tools yet.

Any thoughts? I'm going to try a different 2m rig to see if that makes
a difference. I have verified that the right din works as expected.
Thanks for this!


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