Xiegu G90: General Setup, I/Q panadapter setup via second input

Chris Metcalf

I recently added a Xiegu G90 to my "shack" and I want to set it up with my DRAWS hat. I believe I've figured out the right way to connect it up, currently via the CE-19 adapter board, but I'll probably switch to a direct connection to its 8 pin port soon.

- Any advice on configuration and levels to start with? I haven't found a setup script for the G90 in the GitHub repository yet.
- What about CAT setup? I'm currently using the IC-7000 profile in wsjt-x but its somewhat unstable. 
- Once I get the basic setup done, I wanted to try getting the I/Q output set up as a panadapter - can I wire that in to the two input pins on the second DIN port to get a stereo input?


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