Re: AX25 over UDP is not working on #nw14

Basil Gunn

I installed nwdr15.img and found that AX.25 was running very well
using your scripts ax25-start / ax25-stop.
OK great to hear. Just an FYI, the final nwdr15.img file is not ready

In order to complete my system configuration I added a script creating
an axudp device for using AX25 over IP/UDP via Internet or via HAMNET
(a high speed Ham data network using WiFi used in Germany and France).
I called the attached script It must be used after
OK, I made some changes to that script so the temporary output files
don't collide with the previously run mkiss command. Please let me know
if the script I checked in works for you. Also in order
for the export command in this script to work you need to run it like

source ./
. ./

# Test like this:
printenv | grep -i axupd
echo $AXUDP is in my repository here:

In order to work, the configuration needs /etc/ax25/ax25ipd.conf file.
I found that the distributed one is fine, thus I just made a copy of
ax25ipd.conf.dist to ax25ipd.conf in the same directory. There must
also be an axudp port declared in /etc/ax25/axports file. For this
port I set speed to 115200 and paclen to 253. This axudp port may be
used by AX.25 applications such as Node, FPAC, BBS linFBB.

listen -chat
will display all AX.25 network trafic including udr0, udr1 and
Note that the command line argument '-t' for listen: 2.0.1 has changed from
previous versions. The latest version of listen defaults to printing a
timestamp where as specifying the -t arg turns it off.

-t Don't print a timestamp on each dump line.

Bernard, f6bvp

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