Re: KC9KKORE: Second interface

Cowan Bowman

Thank you for the information and the links.

I was looking in the N7NIX repository and didn't realize the information was in it's on repository.

Basically, I wanted to see your approach in setting up pulseaudio and alsa.

I wanted to have basic use of split channels for non ax25 HF using fldigi, wsjtx, or js8call applications and monitor on two separate radios.

It is my 1st time using pulseaudio, and after some experimentation I was able to figure out how to set it up and even remotely listen to the radio audio with RealVNC Profesional server/client.

Still have some fine tuning and additional testing.

I opted to use the default distribution package settings and setup additional setting similar to your but using them in ~/.asoundrc and ~/.pulse/ to split the channels.

Great work guys and thank you again.


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