Re: NWDR15 Image observations

Basil Gunn

I just did the image download and apt-get from the Raspi script today
so the kernel I have matches what you listed above: 4.19.93-V7
Good. I will fix that in the current image so the latest kernel is

Are there docs for V15 for install and config?
Use the Getting Started Guide

I am not sure what AX.25-Control does on the desktop. It runs a while
and then stops. I do a pidof direwolf and don't see it running either
before or after running AX.25-control.
The purpose of the AX.25 icon is to run the ax25-start & ax25-stop
scripts AFTER you have done the initial config (see getting started
guide). The icon appearing on the desktop before the initial config
script has been run is a mistake which I will fix.

The intention of the icon was to make it easier to switch between packet
& HF programs. The desktop icon will not work until an initial
configuration has been completed.

Also there are split channel scripts:

that enable running packet on one channel & HF programs on the other at
the same time.

I know that the V14 docs really don't apply to V15.
nwdr15.img is mostly a program refresh release that adds split-channel
and speed_switch scripts. Speed_switch is for easily switching between
9600 baud & 1200 baud packet without having to reboot. You can view the
current versions of installed programs on the image here:

I will announce the nwdr15 image in the next couple of days.


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