NWDR15 image release announcement

Basil Gunn

Release image nwdr15 Jan 23, 2020
last image nwdr14 Oct 07, 2019

Latest RPi image current_image.zip has been updated to nwdr15.zip at
this location: http://images.nwdigitalradio.com/downloads

There were 8 image releases last year. This year there will be 2 maybe
3 image releases.

You do NOT have to download the latest image to run the lastest kernel/programs.
You can get the most up-to-date kernels/programs by:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

You can verify & update program versions with these scripts:

The hf_verchk.sh script maintains current versions of these HAM programs.
js8call wsjtx flxmlrpc fldigi flrig flmsg flamp fllog

Current version numbers of programs on the image are kept here:

Before you update your image, please capture any configuration changes
you might have made like current alsamixer settings.
Run alsa-show.sh & make a copy of result.
I recommend having at least 2 mSD cards & not overwriting your current
mSD card.

NOTE: a minimum microSD card size of 16GB is recommended.

Please follow the "Getting Started Guide" from the UDRC Wiki.

This image has a Linux kernel (4.19.93) that includes Anna's main line
TI tlv320aic device driver that supports the UDC / UDRC II & DRAWS hats.
To view the changelog for this kernel go here:

Included in this image is gpsd ver 3.20.

NOTE: Direwolf version 'dev 1.6 D' has a problem building & running
with this version since the gpsd program updated their API version
number which is NOT handled by direwolf.
See reported issue here: https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf/issues/241
If you use direwolf as an app that uses gps instead of just a sound
modem do not use this image, or install gpsd version 3.19.

On first boot, if you have an attached monitor, you will see the piwiz
configuration screen currently used on new Raspbian images.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi 4 and your monitor is blank then add
this to /boot/config.txt to use HDMI safe mode.

If you have any problems with this image please include:
- output of script showudrc.sh with your problem description.
- all console output showing the problem

Changes since last release:

* Image NWDR15 release
* Packet:
* Add chk_ports.sh script to verify AX.25 ports
* Update APRS tracker to work with new Powerwerx ITS-12
* Added ax_verchk.sh script for maintaining latest versions of AX.25 lib/apps/tools
* Updated AX.25 libs/apps/tools to latest version
* Updated paclink-unix to 0.10
* paclink-unix: fixed linBPQ32 RMS Gateway parse problem
* paclink-unix: fixed timeout on large or many messages
* Updated FBB BBS to 7.0.9
* Add speed switch script
* HF:
* Updated hf_install.sh script for maintaining latest versions of HF programs
* Both HF & packet
* Desktop icons for starting & stopping AX.25/direwolf, appear after initial config
* Added split channel maintenance scripts for running HF & packet (direwolf) at same time

Git log for n7nix repository since NWDR14 release:

HEAD~0 5e0b66a NWDR15 image final release.
HEAD~1 cbbd031 Handle more than 2 axport devices.
HEAD~2 e2883c4 Enable desktop icons after initial core config.
HEAD~3 538b799 Update version numbers.
HEAD~4 fe5ef49 Add some comments, fix pid detect.
HEAD~5 1f4e144 Enable previously conditional code.
HEAD~6 8b0d306 Check axports file assuming using stock file.
HEAD~7 59a3792 Add script to stop ax25ipd process.
HEAD~8 fbabd32 Fix no output from commands & verify return codes.
HEAD~9 b68cde0 Add display of currently installed version.
HEAD~10 d5caf4a Fix url to get latest released version
HEAD~11 018af22 Add script to check FBB bbs version number, update current version number.
HEAD~12 7b448b1 Update version numbers.
HEAD~13 f43a1b0 Fix export variable command.
HEAD~14 745b6eb Enable split channel if split channel files exists or does not contain off
HEAD~15 758f6d4 Add ax25ipd start script.
HEAD~16 3a489d8 Enable split channel if split channel files exists or does not contain off
HEAD~17 57a6cc3 Enable split channel if split channel files exists or does not contain off
HEAD~18 fb63758 Add count of logins for each call sign.
HEAD~19 4defadf Prompt for grid square entry.
HEAD~20 4de89e2 Update local bin directory
HEAD~21 77d9ded Replace pluimap with plumin, default paclink-unix install configs imap server with dovecot.
HEAD~22 f969948 Take out personal user name.
HEAD~23 8099bbc NWDR15 image release.
HEAD~24 fad39d0 Update flrig version number.
HEAD~25 ad9f6b7 Move ax25-stop/start to where it will executed for each toggle.
HEAD~26 0e521cd Make display_service_status a function.
HEAD~27 adec738 Update YAAC version number.
HEAD~28 26f349e Fix spelling
HEAD~29 e6558c2 split channel config file now can contain left, right, off
HEAD~30 9aa1ac8 Fix permission problem when setting split chan config file.
HEAD~31 947c89b Add scriptname assignment.
HEAD~32 5588a42 Add build requirement for latest direwolf source.
HEAD~33 f867f8b Fix program name mis-spelling.
HEAD~34 f1ad472 Fix incorrect file name & test for no file name found.
HEAD~35 7b81d93 Change first person to third person.
HEAD~36 218e545 Add document with basic assumptions for providing debug help.
HEAD~37 2cf34f4 Add setting debug mode from command arguments.
HEAD~38 1899456 Update program versions used in hf program maintenance
HEAD~39 9af816f Update program versions used in image.
HEAD~40 ae71ab9 Fix ardop directory location.
HEAD~41 0204b9e Remove reference to the Compass file system.
HEAD~42 d719c2a Remove package file name dependency.
HEAD~43 4d10eb9 Spelling error.
HEAD~44 4ba74df Add a diff function to confirm backup.
HEAD~45 ee96eda Change ax.25 lib/apps/tools package names to be current.
HEAD~46 3b1d2f6 Add requirements, paclink-unix, mutt
HEAD~47 8610d83 Add note about unexpected response to proposal when using Winlink transports
HEAD~48 8b9d925 Add entry for permission denied on outbox write.
HEAD~49 fb1be33 Add doc & clean-up for general use.
HEAD~50 34063f9 Add unique file name comment.
HEAD~51 a15e53a Need wiringPi version 2.52 which is not in Debian repo for RPi 4.
HEAD~52 9420397 Add backing up config files before package install.
HEAD~53 364ea70 Only set 'install update' flag if version numbers in ve7fet repo are greater than installed.
HEAD~54 43900bd Add command line arg handling (-u).
HEAD~55 8ac0f64 Make display of installed ax.25 packages a function.
HEAD~56 e3a77e2 Display versions of ax25 lib/apps/tools in ve7fet repo & currently installed.
HEAD~57 e0c6114 Add script to display CPU temperature & throttle status.
HEAD~58 4387907 Remove old ax25 apps/tools/lib packages.
HEAD~59 a67f8c4 Remove old ax25 apps/tools/lib packages.
HEAD~60 7ec7d9d Update Debian packages for ax25 apps/tools/lib.
HEAD~61 485059a Move package build script to ax25 directory.
HEAD~62 8790bd0 Take any spaces from 'Depends:' line & remove release number from version number.
HEAD~63 d473220 Make work with checkinstall & git clone.
HEAD~64 8f005f9 Parameterize source directory name to work with either wget archive or git clone.
HEAD~65 bb8353d Parameterize some package variables & make work with new checkinstall.
HEAD~66 7458aaf Automate building packages from ve7fet/linuxax25 repo.
HEAD~67 81e8abe Add code to verify gpsd operation.
HEAD~68 4e86137 Copy ardop control files to local bin dir.
HEAD~69 0fbfa40 Get rid of reference to udrc-dkms
HEAD~70 b891f11 Fix for running in crontab when there are 2 versions installed: /usr/bin/gpspipe & /usr/local/bin/gpspipe.
HEAD~71 6cd43e3 Verify if packages required by build are installed.
HEAD~72 f324b18 Add pid of running programs
HEAD~73 376ff0b Fix js8call current version & bug in detecting that package exists.
HEAD~74 e19efbc Test & make temporary directory if it doesn't exist.
HEAD~75 f222ee8 Add command line argument parsing & general clean-up.
HEAD~76 375d60f Make usage clearer for which connector will be used by direwolf.
HEAD~77 31116be Change direwolf parameter ARATE to 48000.
HEAD~78 984719f Add script to list ardop capable RMS Gateways.
HEAD~79 f0d5f15 Add an ardop start script.
HEAD~80 c460063 Change name by dropping extension.
HEAD~81 6e6d145 Check for pulse audio & split channels.
HEAD~82 1e6ad74 Add FLlog to list of FL programs to install.
HEAD~83 afdf822 Minor comment changes.
HEAD~84 240447b Install renamed to ardop_install.sh
HEAD~85 f4a0a83 Make ardop install functional.
HEAD~86 3c4073f If service start fails display service status.
HEAD~87 cd9855f Initialze USER name variable.
HEAD~88 6025db1 Make running script root agnostic.
HEAD~89 00dc61d Make consistent with ax25-start, root agnostic.
HEAD~90 8ede785 Clean up comment.
HEAD~91 22ebd0d Add setting of DEBUG flag from command line.
HEAD~92 52dc467 Add command line parameter parsing.
HEAD~93 087db9a Pull right or left channel designation from direwolf ADEVICE line
HEAD~94 cde151e Add command line option to specify right or left connector for direwolf.
HEAD~95 92a7dbe Fix for split channel setup, config_single_channel.
HEAD~96 e226459 Changes after first run through.
HEAD~97 6e69f95 Add display when verifying rmschanstat & rmsgw_aci
HEAD~98 84495eb Add split-channels install script.
HEAD~99 dd27401 Explicitly define repo directory to clone split-channels.
HEAD~100 4bb86b0 Set owner & group permissions to rmsgw in directory /etc/rmsgw
HEAD~101 fc95ae5 Use the proper line to pick port name from.
HEAD~102 3c21f7e Fix paclink-unix config file edit.
HEAD~103 d6e6a8a Factor is_gateway_configured for some config files.
HEAD~104 0ef84f1 Copy this program to local bin dir.
HEAD~105 38087f1 Conditional git pull on directory existing.
HEAD~106 92194b7 Add hat get_prod_id function to conditionally set primary device name.
HEAD~107 dcf6597 Parameterize DEVICE to be able to change primary device name.
HEAD~108 c821597 Parameterize copy command so do NOT have to run as root.
HEAD~109 ab8c11b Since doing a git pull as root, put source file permissions back to default user.
HEAD~110 61e750c Add restore option.
HEAD~111 649401a Edit channels.xml file.
HEAD~112 322e189 Fix unary operator expected on line 136 due to undefined variable.
HEAD~113 d887415 Add update of configuration scripts before running config.
HEAD~114 b6e0844 Change 'systemctl' command to 'sudo systemctl' if not running as root.
HEAD~115 2981f7b Install the latest web server files.
HEAD~116 68bde2d Take out git install reference since is already installed.
HEAD~117 c31da06 Save the packet config files to compare them after a script edit.
HEAD~118 88a7bcd Edit ax25d.conf file.
HEAD~119 7d21590 Remove references to compass.
HEAD~120 ccd288d Update version numbers for HF programs.
HEAD~121 e12021f Add option to display config files
HEAD~122 48f1040 Remove leading zeros from SSID input.
HEAD~123 947f05d Fix multiple edits on axports file.
HEAD~124 0e7aa18 Add comment before prompt_read
HEAD~125 bb20919 Add script to check for consistent call signs & port names in app configs.
HEAD~126 c3cc44e Get rid of chk_conflict script which is deleting the valid tlv320aic drivers.
HEAD~127 07bb40f Add new verbage for detecting a good driver load before continuing with configuration.
HEAD~128 89e8b4b Add new Pi version ID.
HEAD~129 e00b592 Fix SRC_DIR with terminating slash.
HEAD~130 c21fe1a Fix js8call version check, the latest version may not have an ARMHF Debian package.
HEAD~131 297dcf6 Fix so that changing swap size a reboot is no longer required.
HEAD~132 aedb74d Reduce output from wget when downloading js8call package, update js8call version number.
HEAD~133 826ab5a Fix html page parse to get current version for wsjtx
HEAD~134 53da588 Update alsa settings for split channel radios ic-706 & tm-v71a.
HEAD~135 c4e5279 Fix variable not substituted in file 15-fastcgi-php.conf because of quoted EOT.
HEAD~136 5d0de0d Add file to set up ICOM IC-706 & Kenwood TM-v71a for split channels.
HEAD~137 ab7514b Change reboot delay from at now to sleep.
HEAD~138 c867356 Add display of alsa & pulse audio devices.
HEAD~139 375c17a Fix markdown formatting.
HEAD~140 03d3448 White space.
HEAD~141 881d191 Add another tab for formatting output.
HEAD~142 f3ab13b Fix second occurrence display of PTT.
HEAD~143 ec244e5 Initial commit for split channel maintenance.
HEAD~144 6fec746 Test for speed file to display modem speed.
HEAD~145 6ad5763 White space.
HEAD~146 c4a55db Include hostname to make clear where beacons are coming from.
HEAD~147 15ad8a2 Get rid of null terminated msg. Only beacon once at shutdown
HEAD~148 39c5bdf Add ability to create a single packet port if split channel switch is detected.
HEAD~149 a292230 Fix Debug output error.
HEAD~150 c095a37 Add rmsgw group before creating user in group rmsgw.
HEAD~151 658a766 Copy white back-ground icons to system icon directory.
HEAD~152 ed817d3 Add white back-ground icons for ax.25 on/off.
HEAD~153 26a34b9 Put desktop icons in /home/gunn/bin
HEAD~154 43232a8 Fix miss-spelled sudo.
HEAD~155 0e797d1 Delete desktop files in systemd/bin
HEAD~156 39b48f1 Move icon files to different directory, fix toggle script to not use tmp directory
HEAD~157 9e71cdb Fix destination filename for ax25-startstop.desktop file
HEAD~158 f39ab09 Add files to start/stop AX.25 & Direwolf from a desktop icon.
HEAD~159 5c82cc0 Add ax.25 start stop icons supplied by Hoop K9QJS.
HEAD~160 5ddfae5 Change debug output wording.
HEAD~161 fc3147e Add command line option to just test gps status.
HEAD~162 5adc38d Test for and beacon gps status.
HEAD~163 19c516e Get rid of sleep before shutdown, test for action == test.
HEAD~164 6687093 Set voltage lower limit for shutting down RPi, pull SID from nixtracker config file.
HEAD~165 9321539 Add display of ax25d.conf.
HEAD~166 8becc18 Pick the first port name after the last comment.
HEAD~167 d028135 Dump a bunch of useful stuff to console to verify a RMS Gateway install.
HEAD~168 346e952 Get rid of extra white space in directory name.
HEAD~169 47de712 When adding user rmsgw add group rmsgw at same time.
HEAD~170 99f66fd Fix permissions on /usr/local/etc/rmgw directory.
HEAD~171 92c6580 Make a legitimate message beacon, by padding call sign.
HEAD~172 a4dcf51 Add updown script to run in truckpi.
HEAD~173 f624d3d Add voltage display & fix is_gps_sentence boolean.
HEAD~174 c0ded65 Fix changed path & name for nodejs.
HEAD~175 a70cb58 Minor update & markdown syntax fix.
HEAD~176 55b97bb Fix swap file size change, reboot not required.
HEAD~177 4d37dd6 Provide links to DRAWS configuration document.
HEAD~178 6984beb Update for Raspbian buster

/Basil n7nix

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