Re: NWDR15 Image observations

Basil Gunn

Jim Erickson <> writes:

Wait until you get into the split channel stuff that Basil has been
working on. It’s game changing in that you can run APRS and FLdigi at
the same time, two different radios, same Raspberry Pi. Super Sweet.
Thanks Basil!
First, thank you Jim!
Second, attribution goes to Anna NH6Z as she created the split-channels
repo last April.

The scripts in the n7nix repo,,, hopefully, make setting up Anna's stuff easier.

There is a difference in using the split-channels repo versus my scripts
in that the repo defaults to having HF use the left DRAWS mDin6
connector leaving the right connector for packet or udr0. This is
confusing (to me at least) because udr0 is normally on the left mDin6
connector. The scripts from the n7nix repository defaults to leaving
packet, udr0 on the left connector & using the right connector for HF.

Anyway I think it is kind of cool to have direwolf use only one of the
audio device ports & some HF program like FLdigi use the other. BTW, this
method should work for other sound card devices as well.

/Basil n7nix

VA7SHG - Phone

On Jan 23, 2020, at 09:59, Dave Christensen <> wrote:

I had a little trouble finding the getting started stuff since it
wasn't a sticky message BUT I did find it and everything verifies OK
so far. The app to start and stop ax25 is a huge deal in simplifying
the operation of the HAT. Just ran it to change from APRS to FLdigi -

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