Re: NWDR15 image release announcement

J P Watters <kc9kko@...>

Basil or other gifted scripting author, 

This is just a thought

If there was a first release of the new year that was going to SIGNIFICANTLY be a game changer, this is it. !!!!

Missing from your scripting is that Holy Grail Script that when run archives the configuration of the of all the installed APPS and the image configuration. 

I only wish that I was a script coder that could write a script that would do that archive the configurations, AND also RESTORE the configuration from previously archived configurations. 
alas, I am not such a gifed coder and at the mercy of those who are. 
buconfig -l
This simply lists that configuration date and times that configurations were archived. 
when run without arguments, stores archived versions of the configuration files
buconfig -a -s /home/notmypi/
when run with the -a "archives the current configuration settings" and -s specifies the directory location that the archived configurations are stored. 
"normally" the archived configuration files are stored in /home/pi/archivedconfigs
buconfig -r -d 2020-01-24-00:00
when run with the -r it restores the most recently saved configuration files 
or when the -d specifies the date or date time, it restores the most recently saved configuration files after the specified date or datetime.
-s -d and other program flags can be used together to maximize the effectiveness of the configuration archive and restoration.
when run with flag "buconfig -a -d 2019-12-31" would archive the current configuration files stored as archived on 2019-12-31-2359
as to represent the last configuration for the year 2019.

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