Re: NWDR15 image release announcement

Basil Gunn

Two things about this release so far: Paclink-Unix won't run (out of
the box) because the wl2k.conf file hasn't been updated with the
callsign, gridsquare, axport, and Winlink password.
You need to actually configure paclink-unix. Please read:
"More Packet Program Options"

The image announcement/install/getting started Wiki doesn't point to
the paclink setup information. Are Claws email, postfix, etc installed
in this image. No desktop icon exists for them.
Correct. Whatever the project installs is what you get. You can choose
Claw-mail from the system drop down menu. Config instructions for mutt,
claws-mail and rainloop exist here:
I do not support ThunderBird or Alpine anymore.

Maybe this is covered in a Paclink-Unix thread but the message board
is getting too big to search easily -
Another sticky perhaps for paclink install/issues?
To install paclink-unix from the 'Getting Started Guide':

# If you want to send & receive Winlink messages
./ plu


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