Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn

Hi David,
Short answer:
For a display I use an Android Samsung Galaxy TAB A running a browser.

nixtracker is a fork of Dan Smith's dantracker that used a hard wired
LCD display. nixtracker is a heavily modified dantracker that runs in a
browser so that it can be used over the network. In my truck I run an
RPi in hostap mode & connect my phone or Android pad to the RPi via

It does not use maps. If you want to see what it basically looks
like see Eric Schott's links under n7nix dantracker links here:
or a youtube here:

/Basil n7nix

David Lowry <> writes:

Basil, when you use nixtracker mobile, what are you using for a display and is it hardwired to the RPi or not?

tia, David, Ke7rgp

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