Re: Problems with Winlink handshaking on VHF and no power to transmitter on HF

Basil Gunn

Please read the following to see if that helps with your HF problems
ALSA settings for IC-7000

Did setting the correct gpio pin in FLdigi rather than using FLrig solve
your problem?
/Basil n7nix

Basil Gunn <> writes:

OK. I have refreshed my system with the V15 image and am back to the
same problem on HF as stated before (no pwer out or rig key on FLDigi,
WSJTX, JS8Call, etc.).
Pick one program at a time, for FLdigi using a DRAWS hat:

Fldigi configuration ->Rig->GPIO

Select BCM 12 for left mDin6 connector
Select BCM 23 for right mDin6 connector

Read this for reference:

Here is what I reassembled and making an
assumption of what commands you would want to see:
NOW an unsolved mystery. With the same IC-7000 and ax25 stopped via
the AX.25-control script I can’t get WSJTX, Fldigi, JS8Call to key
the transmitter and send audio. Running
n7nix/deviation/ –c left keys the radio and I get
power out (modulated rig input). Issuing the measure_deviate –c left
–l 5 doesn’t key the transmitter for 5 seconds – it just keeps going
for the full 30 seconds. So this utility can key the transmitter with
audio input to the transmitter.

When I try JS8Call, WSJTX, FLDigi the transmitter is not keyed or
audio sent to the Mic in. I am using FLRig for the radio interface
BUT PTT is turned off in FLRig (no CAT/RST/DTR etc). FLRig is talking
to the radio OK (reading VFO/Mode)

For JS8Call the settings are: Radio Rig-FLRig FLRig, PTT VOX, Mode
USB, Split none. Audio input is plughw:CARD=idrc,DEV=0 and output the
same. The software reads data from the radio just fine and decodes
OK. Pressing the Tune button gives indication from the software of
transmitting (Red Tune button and TX button red) but the radio isn’t
keyed or transmitting.

Similar things are happening with FLDigi (receives/decodes OK but no
transmission). It is setup as rig control by FLRig and FLRig not
keying the modem. Soundcard devices has PortAudio selected with
Capture: udrc:bcm2935-i2s-tlv320aic32x4 hifi tlv320aic32x4-hifi-0
(hw: 1,0) as the only option to choose from and Playback the same
only there are 4 options here (alsa0,1 alsa 0,2 dmix). Hitting the
Tune button on FLDigi gives the indication from the software that it
is tuning or transmitting text (in the waterfall) but the rig doesn’t
key or transmit.

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